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This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Michael W. Fordyce, 12/14/44 - 01/24/11, whose pioneering work created the happiness movement we enjoy today.  Heaven and Earth are happier places because of you.  Thanks, Dr. Fordyce, and stay happy forever and ever!  Dr. Fordyce's site at the Internet Archive

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Key Happiness Facts

World's Happiest Countries (2004):
1. Nigeria
 2. Mexico
 3. Venezuela
 4. El Salvador
 5. Puerto Rico
 (U.S. ranks 16th)

Countries with Highest Levels of Subjective Well-Being (2004):
1. Puerto Rico
 2. Mexico
 3. Denmark
 4. Columbia
 5. Ireland

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Americans consider happiness more important to them than money, moral goodness, and even going to Heaven.

Americans are, on average, only 69 percent happy.

The world population is, on average, less than 65 percent happy.

37 percent of the people on Forbes list of Wealthiest Americans are less happy than the average American.

At any given time, one forth of Americans are mildly depressed

14 percent of the nations on Earth are less than 50 percent happy.

Happiness Increase Experiments published in peer review journal have empirically demonstrated that individuals can be trained to be 25 percent happier through various training programs in from two to ten weeks.

All demographic variables combined, including age, sex, income, race, and education, are responsible for only 15 percent of the difference in happiness levels between individuals.

American Children feel happy 52 percent of the time, neutral 29 percent of the time, and unhappy 19 percent of the time.

Americans' personal income has increased more than 2 1/2 times over the last 50 years, but their happiness level has remained the same.

Americans earning more that $10 million annually are only slightly happier than average Americans.

(Click here for Citations and a Brief Paper on How our World Can Become Much Happier)










While this list is somewhat repetitive, reading through the statements occasionally will help you tune into and remember the kinds of thoughts that will make you happier.  Don't be overly concerned if some of the statements do not ring true; the more you repeat them the truer they will feel.  Creating your own personal list is also very helpful.

 1.  Thinking about happiness makes me very happy.

  2   Not comparing myself with others keeps me very happy.

  3.  Realizing that I have everything I need keeps me very happy.

  4.  Getting better at feeling happiness makes me very happy.

  5.  Meditating on happiness makes me very happy.

  6.  Loving and caring for others makes me very happy.

  7.  Being happy about other people's happiness makes me very happy.

  8.  Stopping my unpleasant thoughts makes me very happy.

  9.  Being good makes me very happy.

10.  Thinking about my friends makes me very happy.

11.  Imagining the world getting better and better makes me very happy.

12.  Admiring everyone and everything around me makes me very happy.

13.  Liking myself makes me very happy.

14.  The better I remember that happiness is the POINT of my life, the more I'll work on it.

15.  Being courageous enough to be happy keeps me very happy.

16.  Helping others become happier makes me very happy.

17.  Not feeling angry, sad, or afraid about anything keeps me very happy.

18.  Remembering that happiness is a skill motivates me to work on being very happy.

19.  Staying relaxed keeps me very happy.

20.  Spending time with others makes me very happy.

21.  Making lots of plans keeps me very happy.

22.   Seeing happiness as an art to be refined makes me very happy.

23.  Pretending to be happy makes me very happy.

24.  Constantly striving to make new friends makes me very happy.

25.  Not overworking myself keeps me happy.

26.  Everything happens for the best.

27.  Appreciating everything I have keeps me very happy.

28.  Being considerate of the feelings of others keeps me very happy.

29.  My happiness is entirely dependent on my thoughts.

30.  Forgiving others makes me very happy.

31.  Using spare time to work on getting happy makes me very happy.

32.  Not becoming disturbed by othersí sadness, anger, and fear makes me very happy.

33.  Loving my work keeps me very happy.

34.  Thinking of ways to become happier makes me very happy.

35.  Working to correct my mistakes makes me very happy.

36.  Noticing the wonderful things in life makes me very happy.

37.  Seeing the best in others keeps me very happy.

38.  Getting enough sleep and exercise, and eating well, keeps me very happy.

39.  The more happy thoughts I will myself to have, the happier I'll be.

40.  Spending a lot of time with family and friends makes me very happy.

41.  Thinking about God or goodness makes me very happy.

42.  Minimizing misfortunes keeps me very happy.

43.  Seeing the bright side of everything keeps me very happy.

44.  Seeking out people to be with makes me very happy.

45.  Reading these self-statements daily makes me very happy.

46.  Bearing pain well makes me very happy.

47.  Not wanting what I canít reasonably have keeps me very happy.

48.  Helping others with their problems makes me very happy.

49.  Pleasantly evaluating everything I see, hear, feel and think makes me very happy.

50.  Understanding that sadness, anger, and fear are unnecessary keeps me very happy.

51.  Not needing others to like me keeps me very happy.

52.  Expecting my life to keep getting better and better keeps me very happy.

53.  My sense of humor makes me very happy.

54.  Quickly forgetting past unpleasantness keeps me very happy.

55.  Understanding what makes me happy keeps me very happy.

56.  Sharing my happiness with others makes me very happy.

57.  Not being afraid to die keeps me very happy.

58.  Visiting with friends and family as often as possible makes me very happy.

59.  Talking about happiness with others makes me very happy.

60.  Never feeling sorry for myself keeps me very happy.

61.  Seeing other people as a great source of happiness makes me very happy.

62.  Feeling like a lucky person makes me very happy.

63.  Not expecting us all to be perfect keeps me very happy.

64.  Making the conscious effort to be very happy makes me very happy.

65.  Praying that everything keeps getting better makes me very happy.

66.  Pleasantly telling my problems to others keeps me very happy.

67.  Remembering past pleasures keeps me very happy.

68.  Not fearing other people keeps me very happy.

69.  Laughing makes me very happy.

70.  Considering myself a good person makes me very happy.

71.  Being kind to others keeps me very happy.

72   I never find it necessary to worry.

73.  Being polite keeps me very happy.

74.  Helping the less fortunate makes me very happy.

75.  Feeling love makes me very happy.

76.  Not judging others keeps me very happy.

77.  Hobbies and other personal interests keep me very happy.

78.  Going to spiritual services makes me very happy.

79.  Finding things that I have in common with others makes me very happy.

80   Not being disappointed when life takes things from me keeps me very happy.

81.  Working on, or distracting myself from, my problems makes me very happy.

82.  Smiling as often as possible keeps me very happy..

83.  Doing a lot of what I love to do keeps me very happy.

84.  Imagining the future as very pleasant makes me very happy..

85.  Meditation makes me very happy.

86.  Feeling grateful for the good things in my life keeps me very happy.

87.  Doing everything as well as I can makes me very happy.

88.  Working on, short, and long, term goals keeps me very happy.

89.  Practicing wisdom makes me very happy.

90.  Staying in touch with my feelings keeps me very happy.

91.  Always seeking more happiness makes me very happy.

92.  Having many friends keeps me very happy.

93.   It is never useful for me to worry.

94.  Being in touch with the wonder of existence makes me very happy.

95.  Enjoying the time I spend alone keeps me very happy.

96   Not considering myself better or worse than others keeps me very happy.

97.  Understanding that my feelings are dependent on my thoughts keeps me very happy.

98.  Having people over to my home as often as possible makes me very happy.

99.  Not expecting the world to be perfect keeps me very happy.